Mission Statement

 It is our belief that health and well being arise from a basis of inner peace and relaxation.  We will provide a safe and nurturing environment in which you can experience yourself in a relaxed state.  It is also our belief that healing comes from self-awareness and self-inquiry. We dedicate our energy to helping you heal yourself through conscious movement of the body.  It is both our sincerest hope and purest intention that the quality of your life is improved through the vehicles of professional touch and increased awareness.



We provide you with many opportunities to improve your physical health through Massage Therapy, Energy Healing, and Therapeutic Yoga Classes and Workshops. We believe that the first step in healing our planet is to become conscious of the health and wellness of our own bodies. Our therapists and teachers are continually learning and implementing holistic healthcare practices and are passionate about sharing them with the world.

As humans, we are each on a spiritual journey. First, we become more conscious of our physical bodies, often through its pain and its limitations. Yet we empower ourselves to Heal. Then we become more aware of our mind and its negativity. Yet we empower ourselves to Love. Through the practice of mindfulness, bodywork, and yoga, we begin to transform these limiting beliefs about our lives and our bodies. We naturally become more compassionate, accepting, and tolerant of ourselves and our own personal journey through life.
This leads to a greater appreciation and awareness of the human journey and in turn, we become more compassionate, accepting, and tolerant of all people and for mankind. Our sense of responsibility for our planet deepens as we realize that we are all in this together and that there is more that unites us than divides us.

This is nothing new. This is the conscious evolution of the journey we are all on together.  By first working to heal ourselves, we begin the age-old journey of healing our world.  We invite you to join us.

Heal Yourself, Heal the Planet.